SABEW History & Past Presidents

The Society for Advancing Business Editing and Writing was formed in 1964 to promote superior coverage of business and economic events and issues. Originally called the Society of American Business Editors and Writers, SABEW changed its name in 2018 as part of a broader effort to embrace a global focus on business journalism.

Less than a half century ago the very idea that business news would ever emerge from behind the classified advertisement section would have been preposterous. But in the late 1950s, business news began to make the climb from obscurity.

The movement began when the late R.K.T. (Kit) Larson, former associate editor of the Virginian-Pilot and Ledger-Star in Norfolk, Va., began talking with Charles C. Abbott of the University of Virginia about “the generally poor reporting of business news in the country’s press.”

Larson organized several small seminars, and in 1961 put together a three-day session that attracted 60 business editors and writers. The success of that seminar resulted in another in 1963.

A permanent organization took shape in 1964 when SABEW held its first meeting in New York City. In 1984, the Society took a major step by voting to place its offices at the University of Missouri School of Journalism. In 2009, the Board of Governors voted to move the Society’s headquarters to Arizona State University’s Walter Cronkite School of Journalism and Mass Communication in downtown Phoenix, where it was established in September of that year.

Today, its more than 3,400 members are from North America and several countries. In 1990, SABEW began offering institutional memberships, and now entire business staffs at major newspapers, business journals, business weeklies, wire services, online publications and broadcast outlets are members.

As part of its educational mission, SABEW sponsors an annual convention and specialized reporting conference. It also confers business journalism awards for excellence in business journalism, as well as honors individuals who have made long-standing contributions to business journalism.

In an era when business news routinely tops the front pages, leads the network news and results in the creation of new magazines, it seems hard to imagine a time when things were different. To make sure that business journalism keeps its new-found-popularity, SABEW has worked closely with the University of Missouri to raise $1.1 million to endow a chair for business journalism education.

This list indicates the media with which the president worked during his/her term. (An * following a president’s name indicates the person is deceased.)

2017-2019 SABEW President:

Mark Hamrick

2016 SABEW President:

Cory Schouten

2015 SABEW President:

Joanna Ossinger

2014 SABEW President:

Marty Wolk

2013 SABEW President:

Kevin G. Hall

2012 SABEW President:


Jill Jorden Spitz

2011 SABEW President:

Kevin Noblet

2010 SABEW President:

Rob Reuteman

2009 SABEW President:

Greg McCune

2008 SABEW President:

Bernie Kohn
The Baltimore Sun

2007 SABEW President:
Gail DeGeorge
South Florida Sun Sentinel

2006 SABEW President:
Dave Kansas
The Wall Street Journal

2005 SABEW President:
Jonathan Lansner
Orange County Register

2004 SABEW President:
Rex Seline
Fort Worth Star-Telegram

2003 SABEW President:
Kathy Kristof
Los Angeles Times

2002 SABEW President:
Chuck Jaffe
The Boston Globe

2001 SABEW President:
Bill Barnhart
Chicago Tribune

2000 SABEW President:
Barney Calame
The Wall Street Journal

1999 SABEW President:
Charley Blaine
Better Homes and Gardens Family Money

1998 SABEW President:
Susan Wells
Atlanta Journal-Constitution

1997 SABEW President:
Henry Dubroff
Denver Business Journal

1996 and 1976 SABEW President:
Myron Kandel
Cable News Network

1995 SABEW President:
Jodi Schneider
Washington Post

1994 SABEW President:
Gary Klott*
National Newspaper Syndicate

1993 SABEW President:
James M. Kennedy
Associated Press, New York

1992 SABEW President:
Randall D. Smith
Kansas City Star

1991 SABEW President:
Sandra J. Duerr
Louisville Courier-Journal

1990 SABEW President:
Sue Thomson
St. Louis Post-Dispatch

1989 SABEW President:
Larry Werner
Minneapolis Star-Tribune

1988 SABEW President:
Philip Moeller
Baltimore Sun

1987 SABEW President:
Cheryl Hall
Dallas Morning News

1986 SABEW President:
Fred Monk
The State, Columbia, S.C.

1985 SABEW President:
Mike Millican
Associated Press, New York

1984 SABEW President:
James J. Mitchell*
San Jose Mercury News

1983 SABEW President:
David L. Beal
St. Paul Pioneer-Press Dispatch

1982 SABEW President:
John Rumsey
Rochester Times-Union
(photo not available)

1981 SABEW President:
Jerry Heaster*
Kansas City Star

1980 SABEW President:
Margaret Daly*
Better Homes and Gardens
(photo not available)

1979 SABEW President:
Ray Kenney*
Milwaukee Sentinel

1978 SABEW President:
Robert Corya
Indianapolis News

1977 SABEW President:
Larry Birger*
Miami News

1976 and 1996 SABEW President:
Myron Kandel
New York Post

1975 SABEW President:
Dick Griffin*
Chicago Daily News
(photo not available)

1974 and 1973 SABEW President:
Hobart Rowen*
Washington Post

1972 SABEW President:
David Smith
Ward’s Auto World
(photo not available)

1971 SABEW President:
Al Altwegg*
Dallas Morning News

1970 SABEW President:
John D. Henry*
Washington Star
(photo not available)

1969 SABEW President:
William A. Doyle*
New York Daily News
(photo not available)

1968 SABEW President:
Ross M. Dick*
Milwaukee Journal

1967 SABEW President:
Robert E. Nichols*
Los Angeles Times

1966 SABEW President:
Ben Schifman*
Kansas City Star

1965 and 1964 SABEW President:
J.A. Livingston*
Philadelphia Bulletin
(photo not available)

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