College Connect – The lessons of money

By Brianna Stearns

Although some may warn that money is the root of all evil, my life would be vastly different if I had not had the financial ability to participate in luxuries such as traveling, trying new activities and attending an out-of-state university. With money can come greed, but if spent wisely, money brings experiences that can positively and irreversibly impact your life and your future.

It is hard to picture my life now without the other students I have met in classes, the sisters I have met in my sorority and the memories I have created by traveling to other countries. In a world where nothing seems to be free, money provides the ability to figure out who you are, what you enjoy, and where you belong by giving you the financial freedom to travel. Traveling, no matter what the distance, and getting to experience different types of people, cultures, and surroundings may cost money, but the benefits are priceless.

The lessons I’ve learned through these events that money has allowed me the opportunity to live through have all come together and shaped who I am as a human being. Money has affected me by allowing me to explore my passions and my interests, and helped me figure out who I am, who I am not, and most importantly, who I want to be.

Brianna Stearns is a student at Arizona State University.

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