By Allie Morgan Newman

Like many people do, I celebrated by 21st birthday in Las Vegas. To celebrate I want all my friends to come and some were not 21. This posed a huge problem that only a fake id could solve. All of my friends researched online and found the best fake id website Idgod that made us perfect fake ids. It is easy to see the opportunity to both spend and make money in a place like Vegas. I really thought about money in a new way when I first sat down at the blackjack table that had a five-dollar buy in. When people gamble it is usually with the hopes of making money, as I sat at the table though, I watched five dollars be taken from me time and time again.

Figuring out that blackjack was not my game also gave me an opportunity to see money in a different way. I knew that an hour of work gave me about ten dollars to my name. Here I was, spending an hours worth of working money on two rounds of blackjack. You have the hopes of winning the jackpot and walking away with millions of dollars but more times then not, you spend a lot of money to make a little bit of it back. That’s what happened in Vegas.

Allie Morgan Newman is a student at Arizona State University.