SABEW Board of Governors Election 2020

SABEW 2020-21 Board of Governors
Voting Opens April 27

Voting for the SABEW 2020-21 Board of Governors opens Monday, April 27 and closes at 5 p.m. EDT on Friday, May 1. Voting members will receive your ballot information direct from the online voting service provider If you are the voting member for your newsroom and also have an individual membership, you will receive two separate emails. If your newsroom voting representation has changed, please contact Tess McLaughlin.

Ballots will be cast for eight open SABEW Board of Governors seats. Six are three-year terms ending spring 2023 and two are one-year terms ending spring 2021.

Cesca Antonelli
Editor-in-Chief, Bloomberg Industry Group
My initial year filling in on the SABEW board has inspired me to seek election. I had the privilege of collaborating with the team in its work to elevate business journalism, assisting efforts to expand the number of talented reporters and editors who are touched by SABEW’s programs and helping with recruiting.

I would like to build on SABEW’s great work to help set up training classes in more cities across the country, and to boost the board’s efforts with the core functions of networking and recruiting to further the organization’s presence and reach.

I have spent more than 20 years as a reporter and editor in six cities around the world, building up teams of journalists to cover big stories across the spectrum of business reporting. I’d like an opportunity to put more of my skills to work in a full board term. Thank you for considering me.

Robert Barba
Spot news editor, Dow Jones Newswires and The Wall Street Journal

I’m seeking re-election to the SABEW Board of Governors because I have more work to do for this important organization dedicated to advancing business journalism.

I joined the SABEW board in 2015. Since then, I’ve been involved in planning events and conferences, served as a judge for the Best in Business competitions in the U.S. and Canada, and was part of the finance committee. Late last year, I oversaw the Night of SABEW, a coordinated, cross-continental happy hour that brought together more than 100 people in nine cities.

If reelected, I would continue to find new ways to bring business journalists together to connect with colleagues, find their next editor or build camaraderie with others in their industry.

Pallavi Gogoi
Chief business editor, NPR
During my 25-year career as a reporter or editor at various news outlets — NPR, Business Week, the AP, CNN, Dow Jones and USA Today — I have been a champion of business journalism.

My mission has always been to bring a deeper understanding of business and economics, and their impact on the everyday lives of people. I believe they play a central role in shaping everything – from personal decisions and societal behavior to national policies and global diplomacy.

The importance of our form of journalism is particularly evident during the current coronavirus pandemic, where health and economics have collided violently and have devastated lives in so many ways.

This past year on the SABEW board I have met professional peers who believe in the purpose of lifting business journalism. It’s left me humbled and inspired and I would like to give back more to the profession and also to an organization that furthers a cause I fully believe in. I am particularly passionate mentoring of young journalists, high quality training and pursuing high standards of journalism.

I am seeking your support for election to the board, with the hope that I can work with all of you to make our work at SABEW even more relevant and impactful.

Matthew Goldberg
Consumer banking reporter, Bankrate

I’d be grateful to have the opportunity to be a member of SABEW’s Board of Governors. It’s been my pleasure serving on multiple SABEW committees and being a Best in Business judge this past year. These experiences have helped me better understand and appreciate SABEW’s impact on journalism.

I am passionate about SABEW’s purpose, which includes being an educational resource for journalists. I am on SABEW’s training committee and have been on conference planning committees for SABEW. Newsrooms are struggling during this difficult economic time, and training budgets are likely to be cut. This makes SABEW’s training offerings and educational panels at conferences even more valuable for journalists.

I have been either a reporter or in financial services for nearly all of the past 21 years. This would give me a unique voice and perspective on SABEW’s board. Currently, I use that experience to help SABEW’s finance committee.

Growing SABEW’s membership is also a priority if I’m elected to the board. Spreading the word about SABEW’s initiatives is important for journalism and SABEW.

Glenn Hall
Chief editor, Wall Street Journal

I am seeking re-election to the SABEW board in order to continue to serve the organization, its members and the profession of journalism. I feel a profound obligation to help others in our field by mentoring, offering counsel, making professional connections and helping in any way I can. SABEW makes that possible for me and I want to pay it forward. Thank you for your consideration.

Dean Murphy
Associate managing editor of investigations, The New York Times
I’m seeking re-election to the SABEW Board of Governors and would greatly appreciate your support.

I was eager to continue in this role well before the coronavirus pandemic, but the events of the past few months have added to my resolve. I am committed to assisting our incoming president and her leadership team navigate this uncertain time, drawing upon my five years of experience on the board and a decade of SABEW involvement.

I am currently a member of the Spring Conference and Nominations committees, and like all board members, I have served as a Best in Business judge for many years.

My background spans many subjects and roles. I was the business editor at The New York Times for more than four years, and a deputy business editor before that. I have been a foreign correspondent in Europe and Africa, a politics reporter in California and New York and once, while at the Los Angeles Times, was even paid to cover the beach. My focus now is investigative journalism at The New York Times.

It would be a great privilege to serve SABEW for another term.

James B. Nelson
Business editor, Milwaukee Journal Sentinel; instructor, Marquette University
I would be honored to serve a second term on the SABEW Board of Governors. I’ve enjoyed my first term on the board and am ready to build upon our recent accomplishments and do even more to advance the goals of this important organization.

Since joining the SABEW board, I believe I’ve made valuable contributions. I chair the committee that vetted, tested and selected our new contest platform. The next step is underway: replacing our outdated website. Also, I’m vice chairman of the Finance Committee and have spent considerable time understanding SABEW’s fiscal strengths and challenges, the bedrock for this kind of organization. I’ve served on the planning committee for spring and fall conferences, and am eager to help during these events to ensure they run as efficiently as possible.

I also enthusiastically participate as a BIB judge, a role I enjoyed for many years before I joined the board.

Working for a midsized newspaper in the Midwest, the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, I bring the perspective of journalists who SABEW needs to attract and engage with in order to grow and remain relevant. There’s considerable hunger for networking, training and the insights that we offer at our conferences and training sessions. Every time I bring a student or colleague to one of our events, they come away impressed and inspired.

I’m a big believer in the value that quality business journalism brings to our readers. It is important we maintain excellence in business journalism, especially in these challenging economic times for the news industry. I pay it forward by teaching business journalism (and an editing class) at Marquette University and by being active in local journalism organizations such as the Milwaukee Press Club and, at the national/international level, SABEW.

Thank you for considering me for the SABEW board; I would be honored to continue serving this fine organization.

Oliver Staley
Culture and lifestyle editor, Quartz
Thank you for considering my candidacy. In my 26 years in business journalism, I’ve worked across a wide range of organizations, from small and mid-sized newspapers in the northwest and south, to Bloomberg News in New York and London, and for the past four years at Quartz, where I serve as an editor.

While the decline of regional news outlets across the US has been well documented, the coronavirus pandemic has rapidly compounded the crisis. Business journalism may well be a casualty as newsroom budgets are cut, but it’s more vital than ever. As small businesses struggle and trillions of dollars in aid washes through the economy, our watchdog role is critical.

SABEW has an important role to play in helping our colleagues in vulnerable newsrooms, through education and advocacy, and as a board member I would be eager to explore other potential responses.

I’m also interested in helping SABEW grow, whether by using my contacts in business and media to help organize and expand the New York conference or by finding ways to extend SABEW’s reach overseas. Quartz is a global news organization, and I know international business journalists would benefit from SABEW’s advocacy for transparency and press freedoms.

Lastly, I’m inspired to run in part to support The Xana Fund. Xana Antues, a longtime SABEW member who passed away in January, was a mentor and friend, and I want to help make sure her memory is honored through the fund dedicated to providing resources for mid-career female business journalists.

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