SABEW Board of Governors Elections 2018

Ballots will be cast during SABEW18 for seven on the SABEW Board of Governors, six with a term ending in 2021 and one ending in 2019. Voting members will receive their ballot information directly from online voting service provider

Board Candidates (listed in alphabetical order)

Xana Antunes
Executive editor, Quartz
My two-plus years on the SABEW board have afforded me a close-up appreciation of the vital role the organization plays in the business journalism community. SABEW is an ideal forum to advance excellence in coverage of the global economy, nurture and share best practices, set high ethical standards, and provide networking opportunities for members. Its annual Best in Business awards offer both a measuring stick and a guidepost for our profession as it navigates evolving platforms of choice, quicksilver audiences, and prevailing values and standards that are routinely reapplied and reinterpreted.

These are all areas in which I can make a real, and I hope, lasting contribution, in the spirit of giving back. I bring deep experience in our profession to the task, having worked in leadership roles across newspapers (NY Post), magazines (Fortune,, and television (CNBC Digital). Today, as Executive Editor at Quartz, I’m able to put that experience at the service of a young and innovative business publication that’s quickly established a reputation for smart, thoughtful coverage.

And that’s the perspective I bring to the SABEW board. The globalization of business — and the digitization of everything — calls for a professional body that’s especially attuned to the challenges and opportunities before us. As board secretary, a position I served in for a year, and as a member of the team that modernized our BIB Awards, I have shown that I can both help infuse the organization with a deeper digital sensibility, and support members’ efforts to develop the tools and skills they need as they transition to a fully digital future.

I would be honored to have your support in the upcoming SABEW board election.

Rich Barbieri
Executive editor, CNNMoney
As a longtime business journalist, I have a lot vested in the profession. SABEW holds an important place in as a thought leader in the field. As executive editor of CNNMoney, I spend considerable effort mentoring the next generation of business journalists as well as leading coverage of a major business news outlet. Those two roles make me well suited to serving on the board of SABEW.

I can contribute to SABEW as judge in contests, recruiting new members, championing the organization within the profession and helping to shape conference content. I’d be honored to serve another term.

Megan Davies
Editor and reporter, Thomson Reuters
I’d be honored to serve a term as a SABEW board member. I’m passionate about journalism and dedicated to the field of business reporting. I’ve held various leadership roles within Reuters in the United States and Russia and reported on a wide variety of business topics. I’m particularly passionate about enterprise reporting. I’d be keen to be involved in SABEW to further high standards of business journalism and try and encourage the next generation of reporters.

Brad Foss
Global business editor, Associated Press
My first full term as a SABEW board member has been rewarding and productive. Being part of the team that revamped the BIB contest to make it more relevant in the digital era was a great way to learn about the organization and the needs and concerns of its members. While SABEW’s challenges are significant, so are its opportunities.

It would be a privilege to remain part of the leadership team that helps SABEW transform itself further and thrive — although not just by expanding its membership and strengthening its financial foundation. Whether it is developing training programs, running contests or speaking out on ethics, SABEW’s role in setting high standards matters. I want to help steer SABEW toward decisions and actions that will benefit business journalists and their readers, and help sustain the organization for the long run.

For the past four months, I have been global business editor at The Associated Press, guiding the business news agenda for the world’s largest news organization. AP caters to a general-news audience and the experience I have gained while working there shapes the perspective I bring to SABEW’s diverse and talented board, and to its members.

I will do my best to marshal any resources and newsroom expertise that will further SABEW’s goals. And I am happy to serve as an ambassador for SABEW in any way needed.

Thank you for considering me to serve again as a SABEW board member.

Andrew Leckey
Chair in Business Journalism, ASU Cronkite School
President, Reynolds Center 
As a long-time business journalist and SABEW member, I understood the importance of our professional organization to the momentum and integrity of our field. The honor of serving on its Board of Governors, however, has since given me opportunity to join with outstanding board members in promoting SABEW’s high ideals.

My primary areas of focus on the board have been promoting international goals, organizing Speed Networking sessions for students at conferences and providing an assist in sponsorship of SABEW events. I’d be honored to serve another term to continue our international expansion building upon the success in Canada, bolstering SABEW finances, attracting young people to our field and seeking new members from a variety of newsrooms.

I was a syndicated investment columnist for Chicago Tribune for many years, an author and long-time broadcaster whose positions included CNBC anchor and reporter. This led to my  position as Chair in Business Journalism at Arizona State University Cronkite School and President of Reynolds National Center for Business Journalism. Receiving Fulbrights in business journalism in China and Uganda reinforced my belief that SABEW can expand its much-needed influence beyond North America.

Heather Long
Economics correspondent, The Washington Post
SABEW is as important as ever for two reasons: Training and networking. I am running for SABEW board member because this organization has been critical for me to strengthen my network and skill set, and I have a lot of ideas on how to enhance that even more for SABEW members in the coming years. I was part of the team that put together SABEW’s Spring 2018 Conference in Washington D.C., helping to secure great speakers including Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross. I would also love to see SABEW organize more mini-networking nights and send out a newsletter to members every other week highlighting job openings and sharing the stories of some of SABEW’s members so we can get to know each other better. Thank you for your consideration. I look forward to getting to know more amazing SABEW members at the Spring Conference and finding ways to collaborate.

Cindy Perman
Partnerships and syndication editor,
I think connecting with each other and sharing ideas is the key for us as individuals and as an industry to grow and thrive – that’s why I want to be a part of SABEW and the board. I think I bring a unique digital background to the table, having been a part of the growth of two major digital operations, as well as CNBC’s integration of its TV and digital operations, and navigating new platforms like Apple News. I’m really creative and am excited about the prospect of helping to craft panels and events that inform and inspire our members. One of my most rewarding career experiences was managing’s intern program. I loved being a part of their development, giving them advice and encouragement – but also hearing their insight. I think we don’t bring young people to the table often enough and say, “Hey, what do you think?” So, one of the things I would like to focus on as a board member is recruiting more young people to the organization, having more events that are geared toward them and really integrating them with more experienced journalists. One thing I think would be cool would be to do some pairings of young journalists with experienced journalists but not in the traditional mentoring way. Set it up in a way where both are asking questions and learning from each other. Let some younger journalists do panels – whether it’s mixed or an all-millennial panel. I’m really inspired by the idea of a two-way flow. I hope to have the opportunity to share these ideas and brainstorm others with the board! I would welcome the opportunity and I think I have a lot to contribute.

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