Spring 2017 Blog Posts

College Connect: I took Jay Leno’s advice – will you?

By Philip Joens

In my last post I talked about my own experiences after graduating from college and how I’ve come to terms with the business side of my life as a reporter. When you’re young and not making much money though, it may be helpful to choose carefully where you’ll live and what you do in your free time. Read more…

College Connect: Ways College Students Mismanage Their Money

By Denver Ellison

It’s a fact that people mismanage their money. However, when college students mismanage their funds, it may be a lifestyle issue rather than a mistake. Read more…

College Connect: Reasons to Build Your Savings Account Early

By Denver Ellison

As college students, we find many ways to blow through our money.  We like to use our funds for new clothes and going out to eat with our friends. However, many finance professionals believe college students should recognize the importance of saving. Read more…

College Connect: Financial Expert Explains the Basics for College Students

By Denver Ellison

Many of us may think we have our personal finances under control. This is especially true if we have been living on our own for some time. However, talking to an expert can help us to better understand the various aspects of personal finance and how money is important in our lives. Read more…

College Connect: How I Prepared for Off-Campus Living

By Denver Ellison

Before making the final decision to move into an off-campus apartment, many of us may wonder what the difference is between living on and off campus. We go back and forth in our heads on if it is worth it to come out of pocket every month only because we want our own place. Read more…

College Connect: Turning to a Peer for Advice

By Denver Ellison

Peer advice can be some of the best advice to rely on when it comes to understanding college experiences. Our peers may have gone through similar situations and can help us learn from the mistakes that they made. Read more…

College Connect: Paying the Bills, While still Working towards a Career

By Garrett Michael

Abbi Camillo, an interior design major at the University of Georgia, has struggled to find a stable college job that will cover rent and other monthly living expenses, while also enhancing her ability to find a career. Read more…

College Connect: What should I be spending on?

By Garrett Michael

Lilley Cushman, a sophomore Biology major at the University of Georgia, said she has trouble deciding what to spend money on, while still growing a healthy savings account. She can cover most of her basic needs, like food, a place to live, and school tuition, but said she struggles to decide what to purchase when it comes to her wants. Read more…

College Connect: Debit Card Theft: 18 Cents She’ll Never Get Back

By Kalah Mingo

Emma Williams, a third year digital marketing major at the University of Georgia, was the victim of debit card theft. Her mother called asking why she had used her card at a gas station in Atlanta when she should’ve been in Athens. Read more…

College Connect: A Planning Tip When Preparing to Repay Your Student Loans

By Kalah Mingo

Alexis Williams, a third-year public relations major, has an unpaid internship, but makes money and saves on dinner as a server at Olive Garden. “I eat salad and breadsticks almost every night for dinner so it has its perks,” said Williams, who attends the University of Georgia. Read more…

College Connect: A College Students Gets Expert Advice on Her Five Key Questions

By Rachel Hinkle

Taylor Liszewski, an advertising major at the University of Georgia, had several questions about personal finance and budgeting as she prepares for life beyond college. College Connect turned to Matt Goren, an assistant professor at UGA who teaches Introduction to Personal Finance, for answers. Read more…

College Connect: An Expert Answers Five Questions about Planning for the Long-Term

By Rachel Hinkle

Taylor Liszewski, an advertising major at the University of Georgia, had more questions for a personal finance expert as she thought about her long goals for owning a home and planning a family. College Connect once again turned to Matt Goren, an assistant professor at UGA who teaches Introduction to Personal Finance, for the answers. Read more…

College Connect: Students with Questions about His Entrepreneurial Dream Gets Expert Answers

By Rachel Hinkle

Victor Edwins, 20, a marketing major at the University of Georgia, has questions about his dream of opening his own restaurant. College Connect found answers to those questions from Bob Pinckney, director the entrepreneurship program at the University of Georgia’s Terry College of Business. Read more…

College Connect: Students Have Options When Considering Post Graduation Plans

By Rachel Madray

As graduation approaches, college students are faced with a tough question. Now what? Perhaps the three most considered options are taking a year off to travel, going to graduate school or getting a job. There are financial pros and cons for each option so careful consideration is important before making a decision. Read more…

College Connect: What Most College Graduates Don’t Anticipate After Graduation

By Rachel Madray

Many college students are not prepared for the financial obligations they will face after graduation. After relying on their parents for the past 20 plus years of their lives, the transition to becoming self-sufficient can be shocking to many, especially if they have not prepared for what to expect. Read more…

College Connect: Being a Broke College Student

By Reann Huber

Having gone through three years of college, I have seen just about every type of student that likes to designate themselves as a “broke” college student. They might not have received as big of a paycheck because they missed a few shifts while preparing for a test, or had to spend a little extra on textbooks for the semester. Read more…

College Connect: Expert Explains the Reality of Credit Cards

By Reann Huber

Diann Moorman is an associate professor at the University of Georgia’s College of Family and Consumer Sciences, and specializes in research on bankruptcy, single parent households, credit card debt and more. I reached out to Moorman to learn more about credit cards and the debt that often comes along with them and how they affect college students. Read more…

College Connect: Considering Law School? You May Have to Give Up the Part-time Job

By Reann Huber

Many students consider the possibility of attending graduate school immediately after finishing their undergraduate degree, but the daunting price tag that comes along with pursuing a higher degree brings financial concerns to students they may not have faced in the past. Read more…

College Connect: Creating and Actually Sticking to a Budget

By Reann Huber

For college students, financial planning and budgeting is easily one of the biggest headaches to deal with when also pursuing a degree. Nonetheless, there are easy ways to make and stick to a budget that any college student can follow. Read more…

College Connect: The Money Ups and Downs of College Students from a Single-Parent Home

By Reann Huber

On the surface, it is not easy to see any differences between a college student who comes from a single-parent household or one from dual-income household. But, research shows these different environments often lead to students approaching their college expenses in completely different ways. Read more…

College Connect: Tapping into Tuition Assistance Programs

By Tommy Lehner

What if there was a legitimate way to get most of your college tuition paid for while you work? Sounds intriguing, right? In the state of Georgia, this is a reality through a Tuition Assistance Program (TAP). Read more…

College Connect: My first credit card

By Alexa Nicole D’Angelo

The first time I really started to think about money was when I got my first credit card. I am a notorious shopaholic with a tendency to shop until I have nothing in my bank account when I am stressed. Read more…

College Connect: Gambling in Las Vegas

By Allie Morgan Newman

Like many people do, I celebrated by 21st birthday in Las Vegas. It is easy to see the opportunity to both spend and make money in a place like Vegas. Read more…

College Connect: The lessons of money

By Brianna Stearns

Although some may warn that money is the root of all evil, my life would be vastly different if I had not had the financial ability to participate in luxuries such as traveling, trying new activities and attending an out-of-state university. Read more…

College Connect: Line of credit

By Corinne Roels

Something that I learned a lot about during while working in retail was how applying for credit cards and acquiring them can affect your credit score.  As an employee of a large-size mall retailer, it was frequently a part of our required performance to “sell” credit cards to customers. Read more…

College Connect: Keeping a budget

By Jenna Miller

Most of my life I haven’t kept a budget. I didn’t see the need to put energy into recording what I make and spend. I never looked at my credit statement or my bills and I thought it worked totally fine. Read more…

College Connect: Real world budgeting

By Kara Carlson

When you’re sixteen years old, getting your license finally means freedom. For me, as student involved in several extracurriculars and two sports it meant that my long days at least began and ended with me behind the wheel. Read more…

College Connect: Fake discounts

By Lan Jiang,, and, these e-commerce websites provide cheaper goods than that in the off-line stores. It is very often that those e-commerce websites providing a discount on some special festivals, such as Best Buy’s time-limited discount on the President Day. Read more…

College Connect: Investing in the future

By Madison Alder

A time I learned something about money was when I discovered my summer internship had automatically set up a 401K for me and I had to transfer the balance. Read more…

College Connect: Exchange rates

By Ziluo Qiu

When thinking about money, the first thing that comes to my mind is the exchange rate. I am an international student. It is necessary for me to understand exchange rate because it affects my life abroad. Read more…

College Connect: My first paycheck

By Ross Leviton

One of my first, and most memorable times with money was after the arrival of my first paycheck. I had volunteered with a company for a few months and they had decided to hire me, which meant I was going to get paid! Read more…

College Connect: Staying on top of finances

By Saundra Wilson

This year I got my first credit card and I had a sentimental moment in my car afterwards. I realized that there was no going back. I had taken a giant leap into the pool of adulthood and was officially submerged. Read more…

College Connect: Putting time and money in perspective

By Michelle Maki

When I first watched “The Avengers,” I leaned over and asked my friends, “How much do you think it would cost to rebuild the whole city after they’re done?” Read more…

College Connect: Credit scores can be confusing

By Yu Zhang

As an international student, I am a newcomer as to the credit scores in the U.S. As soon as I was told that a U.S. credit card will benefit me in terms of flying miles and, I went to Chase to applied for a credit card. However, I was turned down as my credit history was too short. Read more…

College Connect: Watching the Little Things Can Be Essential to College Student Budgeting

By Casey Williams

Managing the often routine expenses can pay off for college students on a budget. Ann Woodyard, an assistant professor of financial planning, housing and consumer economics at the University of Georgia, said simply saving money on gas can make a difference.

College Connect: College Students Lack Training in Financial Literacy

By Shannon Duffy

Nearing graduation, Caskey Dyer feels optimistic about his post-graduation job options. Dyer’s education in international affairs at the University of Georgia has equipped him to intern with Georgia Rep. Park Cannon, work as a teacher’s assistant and publish work on housing inequality.

College Connect: How to Survive on a Graduate Student Budget

By Ryan Kor

As a first-year master’s student freshly off of my parents’ payroll, the only thing tougher than graduate coursework is figuring out how to manage my personal finances. I constantly have to monitor my spending to ensure that I can pay for essential expenses.

College Connect: Financial Savvy Needed When Entering the Working World

By Russell Vandiver

College is a time in life to grow personally and to learn skills that will help establish a career. Although college graduates leave with greater knowledge in their chosen major, they often lack significant training that will prepare them for the financial decisions they will confront.

College Connect: Student Loan Debt Not Only Factor in Millennials Delaying Homeownership

By Rakel Johnson

College comes at a hefty price. It’s no surprise that many students take out thousands in loans to afford their education, and many graduate with a large amount of debt.

College Connect: Savings Can Make College Less Affordable for Some Families

By Nathaniel Berg

For parents of prospective college students, it’s important to plan ahead financially. And while conventional logic would suggest that saving money is the best way to prepare for your child’s higher education, a professor in the University of Georgia College of Family and Consumer Sciences said that is not always the case.

College Connect: UGA Finance Students Provide Free Tax Filing Through Community Outreach Program

By Nathan Hutto

The University of Georgia gives back to its Athens community in many ways, but one service gains special attention every spring: finance students provide free tax filing and financial advice.

College Connect: College Students Advised to Start Saving Early

By Nate Harris

Though some college student may work part-time jobs during school, for many, their first job outside college is their first steady flow of sizeable income. It’s also when many face a plethora of personal expenses, from rent and utilities to food and gas. Some might also enter the professional world with thousands in student loan debt.

College Connect: Mortgages and homeownership could benefit some students over apartment rentals in the long-run

By Lindsey Conway

For most college students, homeownership is not at the top of the to-do list. But Ashley Panter, who has owned two homes since graduating with her bachelor’s degree in public relations from Augusta University in 2012, said more should consider it.

College Connect: Financial Planning: Save Now or Pay Later

By Killian Wyatt

Never before have people had to make so many financial decisions on their own. Most college students aren’t prepared for these choices, but they can take steps now to secure a solid financial future.

College Connect: Students Need to Adapt to Budgeting in College

By John Hammel

Getting used to harder classes, making new friends and learning to live with a roommate are all reasons why many students find it hard to adapt to their first year of college. Another reason often overlooked is managing money.

College Connect: Many students have debt; few understand their credit score

By Harrison Young

In the age of rising costs of attendance and omnipresent student loan debt, few students graduate from college without developing their credit.

College Connect: Financial Satisfaction a Result of Strong Financial Behavior

By Gracie Thompson

Strong financial behaviors are more important than a base of financial knowledge when it comes to a person’s overall financial satisfaction.

College Connect: Students should confront their money through budgeting

By Chelsey Shirley

For many, college is four years of great adventure, growth and learning. It can also be a time when parents begin to wean their children off of their ‘payroll’ to allow their now young adults the time to practice what is known as ‘adulting.’

College Connect: Unfamiliar Surroundings Can Make Housing Search Difficult Without Thorough Research

By Casie Wilson

Angel Hogg, a 3rd year pre-veterinary student at the University of Georgia, is searching for a home in Athens, Georgia. While juggling the challenges all young adults face when house-hunting for the first time on their own— from managing credit to contacting the right realtors— Hogg also faces a problem familiar to non-Athens natives: the outsider perspective.

College Connect: Some College Students Can Qualify for Government Support to Meet Basic Needs

By Brittany Johnson

The cost of living in college is costly. Students are responsible for tuition, textbooks, rent, and other miscellaneous bills that can make paying for food seem like an option, rather a necessity.

College Connect: Stress Can Hinder College Students’ Performance

By Andrew Fisher

College tends to inflict a great deal of stress onto students, but many people do not understand the extent of it.   High levels of stress hinder learning, memory, immune function and more.  Being able to acknowledge stress can help students get a head start on managing it.

College Connect: Lack of Affordable Housing Can Negatively Affect College Students

By Amy Libby

College students living off campus often grapple with few housing options and poor housing conditions. Students shouldering heavy course loads that don’t allow for full-time employment are limited by scarce affordable housing options within their budget.

College Connect: Saving Money at the Grocery Store

By Zack Newman

I relish food and am constantly enticed by the possibility of a smorgasbord of flavors. While the occasional splurge is ok, constructive habits can lead to long-term savings. This happens a few dollars at a time. I compiled a few of my favorite tricks below to save money at the food store.

Filing Taxes Cause College Students to Confront their Money Skills

By Lisa Fu

College is when many young adults take their first step to financial independence. It may be taking on a part time job or simply remembering to pay the rent on time, but college is when many students often confront their responsibilities with money and find their knowledge is lacking.

College Loans are Necessary, but Require Planning

By Azure Aladin

College is expensive. Tuition, rent, textbooks, groceries and other bills add up, forcing many college students to take out loans to defer the expense of attending a university.

Yes, You Really Can Afford to Take That Internship

By Covey Eonyak Son

Around this time last year, I finally got a call I spent months hoping to get. The voice on the other end offered me an internship at the Minneapolis Star Tribune. It was a happy ending to an annual ritual that thousands of college students take part in each year. We spend hours writing and refining cover letters and résumés with the hope that we’ll be chosen. So naturally, the call left me feeling high with joy.

Managing Your Money Doesn’t Have to Be So Stressful

By Covey Eonyak Son

You probably grew up getting allowances from your parents. Your parents probably got you a piggybank one day, and told you to not to break it open until you’ve saved enough money. And they almost definitely at some point told you to put something back at the store because you don’t really need it.

In Today’s Electronic Age, Receipts Can Be Your Friend

By Covey Eonyak Son

My dad always told me to hold onto my receipts, no matter how minor the purchase. He was obsessed with collecting them. He even had boxes (yes, multiple) of old receipts and invoices in his home office. Just in case.

College Connect: Effectively budgeting for the holiday season

By Emma Diltz

As the holiday season is upon us, students are strapped for money more than usual. Throughout the rest of the year, they’re usually focused on buying groceries, paying rent and with the little money they have left, shopping or attending a variety of events. All too often, December rolls around, the same time every year, and students haven’t even started pricing gifts, let alone purchasing them.

College Connect: Getting your first credit card and how to manage it

By Emma Diltz

Getting a credit card is a big push into adulthood for a lot of people, including students. Going into college, it’s a good idea to start thinking about getting a credit card. Without good credit, it’s hard to buy a house, pay off student loans or buy a car.

College Connect: Best money-saving apps for students

By Emma Diltz

At this age, students struggle with saving money. There’s rent to pay off, groceries to buy and miscellaneous bills to check off. But half of the fun in college is being able to go out with your friends, whether it is dinner, drinks or concerts. The problem with all of these is how much money they cost. I’ve compiled the best apps that students can use to save money for the fun parts of their lives.

College Connect: As an international student, make sure your bank is actually ‘local’

By Daniel Levitt

Telling your bank that you’re going abroad on vacation is often unnecessarily laborious. Try telling them that you’re moving abroad to study until ‘who knows when?’

College Connect: Grad School Doesn’t Have to Break the Bank

By Daniel Levitt

When I first told my friends and family of my plans to study in America, they thought I was barmy. And that was before I told them it was a master’s degree that I wanted to pursue.

College Connect: A new bicycle isn’t worth it – YES IT IS!

By Daniel Levitt

“I’ll buy one at the start of the semester.” “I’ll buy one after my exam.” “No, seriously, I’ll buy one on the weekend.” Sound familiar? There’s only one time to buy that bicycle you need, and that’s now!

College Connect: Why I have a Safety Net

By Charlie Clark

I got my first job at 19 making $8.25 per hour working in a coffee shop. Although I would by no means characterize that as good pay, I was in college on a scholarship, and it was certainly enough income to fill my gas tank and supply my diet of ramen and microwavable mac n’ cheese.

College Connect: Money Can’t Buy Love

By Jacob Garcia

I’m sure you’ve heard of the saying, “Money can’t buy love.” I agree, and I hope my experiential story about money demonstrates that.

College Connect: Lessons in Money from New York City

By Kanak Jha

This past summer I had the opportunity to move to bustling New York City. New York is full of life lessons, especially for a young student working their first full time internship far away from home. Some of the most prominent lessons the city taught me was about money.

College Connect: The Bank of Mom and Dad

By Connor Murphy

After swallowing my pride, I called the bank which every college student dreads, but inevitably uses: the bank of mom and dad.

College Connect: Why I never buy anything that’s not on sale

By Kourtney Balsan

I never buy anything that isn’t on sale. Red stickers and slashed prices is my norm. Why? Well, besides the fact I am a broke college student, I realized that everything will usually go on sale eventually.

College Connect: Is Money Happiness?

By Anya Rogers

Money is a medium of exchange, a unit of accounts and a store of wealth. Money is many things, but it is not happiness, time or love.

College Connect: Buy Now, Pay Later

By Sophia Kunthara

The simplest lesson in personal finance: don’t spend what you don’t have (or won’t have). This is true for borrowing money in the form of loans and for credit card spending. Taking out a loan and using a credit card can have enormous benefits, but can easily be a trap for debt as well.

College Connect: Magic or Credit?

By Serena Zhang

I remember being in awe of credit cards when I was really young. Before I even knew the official name, I use to call them “magic cards” because money was magically stored in them. I was 16 when I got my first magic card.

College Connect: Can you really live without a TV set?

By Kouichi Shirayangi

We all grew up with television as part of the background in our lives. So, when we get to college, a TV comes along with us. I did a research of ads, and most dorm residents get a TV that’s about 32 inches.

College Connect: 4 Fun Ways to Save Money

Video by Andrea Stoll

College Connect: Some simple hacks to help you get your deposit back!

By Lauren E. Steffens

I’ve lived in every type of campus and off-campus housing – dorms, sorority house, furnished apartments, unfurnished apartments and houses. Each and every one requires a deposit.

College Connect: The debate about what it costs to go to college

By Lauren E. Steffens

This year’s Democratic primaries talked about the cost of a college education and student debt. Here are some interesting facts I found about the cost of higher education from an annual survey taken by the non-profit, College Board.

College Connect: The very high cost of college parking

By Lauren E. Steffens

Parking is the bane of college students. It’s a scene repeated every day – students are circling the metered parking lot near inner campus, waiting for students to leave so they can claim a coveted spot. After finally grabbing a spot, putting in coins or a pay card, they dash to class.

College Connect: Coupons for students go high-tech

By Kouichi Shirayangi

On a college campus, there are a lot of coupon books with student discounts. Are they good deals? That depends. Is this an item you’d buy anyway? If it isn’t it might make you spend money and not save money.

College Connect: Tips to save at the grocery store

By Kouichi Shirayanagi

A typical college students spends $80 –to $200 on groceries, depending on how much you cook.

College Connect: Don’t be penny safe and pound foolish when making big decisions

By Kouichi Shirayanagi

Perhaps the worst decision I made over the past year with my money was when I did not spend more to save anguish in the future, but I just did not know what the future held for me.

College Connect: Credit Cards: What To Know and Watch Out For

By Alex Ring

With the laundry list of other responsibilities that flood into the life of a college student credit cards can be a double-edged sword that solidifies adulthood and can pave the way for future but it should not be taken lightly.

College Connect: Starting in college – measured spending and saving

By Alex Ring

We learned in Econ 1010, that money is defined as a medium of exchange, a unit of account, and lastly, a store of value. As the school year, approaches I begin to understand that last part — the practical job of money.

College Connect: Saving money

By Larissa Garza

Spending cash is a lot easier when you aren’t looking forward to a paycheck every week. As a server and bartender, most of the time my paychecks are about $20.

College Connect: Wants versus needs; a lesson learned

By Lindsey Wisniewski

For as long as I can remember, my parents warned me about the dangers of money. Before I was of legal age to obtain credit, my mom and dad, who were divorced since I was 12, had a combined four bankruptcies between the two of them. In other words, they didn’t know how to handle money properly.

College Connect: One financial regret

By Hilary Davis

I don’t have many regrets in life. I don’t like to be haunted by “what ifs.” But if I could turn back the clock, I would start saving for retirement from my first paycheck.

College Connect: Dump the cable bill

By Krandall Brantley

Several times throughout my first 3 years of college, my mother kept saying she was planning on getting rid of cable because my parents were paying too much for a bunch of channels they didn’t use.

College Connect: Change the way you save

By Judson Tomaiko

Change has a way of being taken for granted. Not “change” like the concept of something new happening but rather the physical metal coins that people get from a business on the off-chance they didn’t use their debit card.

College Connect: Credit cards are evil

By Lauren Potter 

When I first moved to the U.S. from Australia nine years ago, I was fortunate to land a really great job. For my age, and given that I had no higher education at the time, I was making a lot of money.

College Connect: Money experience story

By Anthony Prosceno

When traveling, it is a good idea to carry a little extra cash because it may turn out that your physical dollars may more value than your credit cards.

College Connect: My tips for money management

By Joseph Steen

Having money is one thing, but being able to handle it wisely is another. I’ve had both good and bad experiences and will try to give you tips on how to handle your money better.

College Connect: Getting started on budgeting

By Adam DeRose

After I landed my first job out of college, finances were tight. The consistent paychecks were great, but I also struggled figuring out how much money I had to spend on non-essential purchases (restaurants, drinks, events, etc.) Read more…

College Connect: Saving money in college: smart grocery shopping

By Sabella Scalise

In college, the first year away from my parents meant freedom, no curfew and no rules. A childhood dream come true. But college is not a dream. It is reality. Read more…

College Connect: Think small business when you have extra money

By Jiahui Jia

If I ever find myself with extra money and there are business opportunities, my experience indicates it is a good time to act. Read more…

College Connect: A lesson in debt collection

By Andrea Stoll

I have worked at a debt collection agency here in Columbia for about a year and a half. While most people start working in the mail department and get drafted into a permanent department, I was immediately called to work in Bookkeeping. Read more…

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